[Limit Free] Code Collector Pro 1.5.2 – Store code snippets with ease.

Code Collector Pro is a storage app for code snippets. From HTML to Cocoa, C++ to Ruby, Code Collector Pro looks after all your code snippets, letting you quickly reference them whenever you want. With support for Smart Groups, Tagging, TextMate Bundles, integration with codecollector.net and more Code Collector Pro is the best way to store, organise and share code snippets on the Mac.

Organise – Code Collector Pro provides you with powerful tools to organise your snippets:

• Groups & Smart Groups for collecting snippets
• Fully customisable syntax colouring
• Tag snippets for easier searching
• Create new snippets from files, your clipboard or even the text you have selected

Use – You don’t create snippets just because they’re pretty to look at, you want to actually use them in your code, and Code Collector Pro makes this easy:

• Insert snippets into your favourite applications with just a few keystrokes
• Drag & drop snippets to anywhere on your Mac

Share – Sharing is good. It can benefit the developer community while giving you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Code Collector Pro makes sharing your snippets a breeze:

• Free account on codecollector.net for sharing public snippets
• Start sharing with just a few clicks
• Download snippets to your library with a single click
• Export snippets to a single, easily sharable file


Version 1.5.2:

  • Code view no longer flickers while editing Editing quickly no longer causes your code to vanish

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