Coda 1.7.5 – One-window web development app.

Coda is a one-window web development application featuring all the tools a developer needs to build the future of the web.


  • Integrated file browser.
  • Fully-featured text editor.
  • CSS editor.
  • Preview.
  • Built-in terminal.
  • Complete set of references.

Version 1.7.5:

  • Improves reliability of “Reload” in Preview
  • Restores compatibility with Growl
  • Fixes an issue with automatic update notifications not working

Cracking method:

1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Open DMG file
4. Move Coda to app folder
5. Open Coda
6. Close Coda
7. Open terminal and type in chflags nohidden ~/Library/
8. Open User/[YOUR USERNAME HERE]/Library/Preferences/
9. Drop in

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