Clox 1.0 – Stylish clocks on your desktop.

Clox helps you keep an eye on time and never miss important thing. Wherever your friends, clients or even competitors are – just one look at the desktop, and you know what time is there where they are. Clox is a convenient app that allows adding a clock (and not just one, you can add many!) to your desktop and setting an individual style, timezone and many other things for each clock. Among the options you will find:

  • 26 various individual styles;
  • Possibility to create several clocks with different timezones;
  • Customizable size and opacity;
  • “Always on top” option;
  • Export the clock with your individual settings and import them on your other Mac;
  • Set the clock to click-through mode to make every spot of your desktop accessible easily;
  • Autostart with the computer, and many many other captivating conveniences.

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