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CloudPull 2.6 – Seamlessly backup your Google account on your Mac.

Appked/ Featured/on 2014-10-16 13:31

CloudPullCloudPull seamlessly backs up your Google account to your Mac. It supports Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). By default, the app performs backups every hour, and maintains old point-in-time snapshots of your accounts for 90 days.

CloudPull allows you to back up a single account for free. For $14.99 (USD), you can upgrade to get premium features including:

  • Support for up to ten Google accounts
  • The ability to run CloudPull as a background app
  • The ability to store your backup files in an alternate location

Backup file formats:

  • Email messages can be imported into Apple Mail individually.
  • Entire email labels can be imported into Apple Mail as mailboxes.
  • Contacts can be imported into Address Book.
  • Calendars can be imported into iCal.
  • Documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from Google Drive can be opened with Microsoft Office, and can also be imported into Pages, Keynote, or Numbers. Other files from Google Drive are backed up in their native formats.

CloudPull provides a Mac native interface for working with your backups:

  • You can browse current backups and backups from old snapshots.
  • You can preview backed up items via Quick Look.
  • You can restore items by dragging them to the Finder.


Version 2.6:

  • Fixed a problem retrieving paginated lists of Google Drive file changes that could cause Google Drive backups to fail.
  • Updated to a newer version of the Google Calendar API to retrieve the list of available calendars.
  • Use newer downloading APIs available in OS X 10.9 and 10.10 to improve the speed and reliability of Google Drive file downloads.
  • Use a newer IMAP library for backing up Gmail.


OS X 10.9 or later