CleanApp 4.0.0 – Application deinstaller and archiver.

CleanApp 4.0.0CleanApp is an application deinstaller and archiver. 

Why does OS X need an uninstaller? 

Have you ever unsuccessfully tried to get rid of a program and all the files that came with it? Are logfiles, plists and caches cluttering folders and volumes on your Mac? Don’t you ask yourself from time to time where the multiple gigabytes of hard disk space continuously vanish to? Uninstall, archive, backup and analysis; CleanApp analyzes, archives and removes applications and on your Mac, complete with all relevant files. 

New user interface
CleanApp 4 has been rewritten from the ground up in order to make your work with CleanApp more pleasant. The brand new user interface focusses on the most often required features and offers you quick access to all important tasks. If required, help texts are displayed to explain what a specific features is good for and what you can accomplish by using it. 

New Clean Community
The Clean Community significantly improves CleanApp’s ability to find unnecessary data on your hard drive that just eats up disk space and does no good. By accessing a huge database containing uninstallation information from virtually thousands of applications, you can find application relicts more reliably — even those created before CleanApp had been installed on your Mac. The new and much improved CleanApp Community quicker and better results than before, making your decision easier which file to delete and which not. 

Find, sort and delete
CleanApp displays an overview of all applications currently installed on your Mac, integrates a Spotlight search and sorts your applications by the time you last used them. Identifying those applications you installed some time and, after launching them once or twice, completely forgot about, is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Since the Logging-Service records all changes directly on file system level, CleanApp will provide comprehensive informed suggestions which files to get rid of when uninstalling an application. 

Easily remove localizations
With CleanApp, removing language packages from applications is a piece of cake. If you don’t speak more than one or two languages, why would you keep the excess ballast around? Simply find and remove all the localizations and documentation you don’t need and reclaim your precious hard disk space. 

Slim down Universal Binaries
Universal Binaries make applications compatible to PowerPC-based Macs, as well as the current intel based models. This means that you could get rid of up to half the program code, freeing up a lot of hard disk space. 

Secure and archive
Of course, CleanApp has a built-in feature that helps you “test-uninstall” an application before losing it forever. Use it to check if anything bad happens after uninstall or for transferring a complete application to your other Mac. Not only the application itself, but additional folders as well, are compressed into an archive and then rebuilt on that secondary Mac. So if you start having second thoughts or simply want to move an application, CleanApp makes sure your data is preserved. 

Preference Panes and system extensions
Mere applications are not the only ones wasting hard disk space — Widgets, system extensions, additional panes in the System Preferences and screen savers can block more space than you’d imagine. All these kinds of files are neatly listed in CleanApp, making spotting them and tidying up your system a breeze. 

Old files
Over the course of months, you’ll gather documents as well as applications and other files. Some of them may be extremely large and no longer needed. CleanApp’s “Old Files” feature efficiently tracks down these files for you. Various aspects of a file, like file size and the last time it has been used, among others, influence which files show up on top of the search result list. 

It’s the same thing over and over again, you download a file for the second time, you re-import pictures that have previously been imported or you simply save a document under a different name but never change the original. This way, you pile up duplicates of files that just sit around and consume space on your hard drive. Quickly and safely identify these files with CleanApp’s help and remove these unnecessary duplicates.

What’s New

Version 4.0.0:

  • new user interface
  • improved search algorithms
  • CleanCommunity rewritten from scratch
  • perform system maintenance jobs and cleaning-up operations
  • manage system extensions
  • remove unnecessary iOS backups and operating systems
  • remove old application log files


Intel, OS X 10.6.8 or later


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