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ChronoSync 4.7.2 – Reliable backups, drive clones, and folder synchronizations.

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ChronoSync 4.7.2

ChronoSync easily synchronizes or backs-up files and folders in a variety of ways.

Synchronize files between folders, hard drives, removable media, laptops, file servers, or any computer, not just a Mac. Features include:

  • Fully customizable toolbar.
  • All synchronization settings are stored in separate, self-contained, double-click- able documents that can be run or modified at any time.
  • Synchronize files in any direction or bi-directionally.
  • Establish simple, intermediate, or advanced rules to include or exclude files by name, size, date, extension, plus other more advanced options.
  • Compare files before and after synchronizations to see the status of every file.
  • Run trial synchronizations to check results before committing.
  • Special options that ignore invisible files, resolve alias, preserve folder attributes and synchronize deletions.
  • A complete transaction log maintains a complete history of all synchronizations run with options for exporting and printing.
  • Automate synchronization with a full-featured scheduler.
  • Schedule synchronizations to occur at launch, termination, once, or any repetitive time frame desired.
  • Launch ChronoSync at system startup and have it run in the background.
  • Use AppleScripts to automate the process even further.


Version 4.7.2:

  • Incorporated security updates and minor bug fixes to support SFTP protocols
  • Added additional connection tracing options for the AWS S3, Google Cloud, and SFTP connection profiles
  • Improved the detailed log messages that are generated when diagnostic logging is enabled for AWS S3, Google Cloud, and SFTP connection profiles
  • Added the "Ignore resource fork errors" option to the SFTP connection profile; when ON, any attempt to write resource fork data to files will silently fail, allowing data forks to be written and syncs to proceed without error
  • Added an "Edit" button next to the connection popup in the target panes of the Setup panel; provides a convenient way to edit a connection profile; only appears if the connection profile is editable
  • Added localized Spotlight keywords to the app bundle’s info.plist file
Bug Fixes
  • The SFTP connection now better handles generic error codes during the connection/pre-configuration process instead of failing to connect
  • The SFTP connection falls back to using "/" as the initial directory if the server returns errors when trying to set the initial directory
  • Fixed a bug in the SFTP connection profile editor whereby opening an existing profile would immediately advance the focus to the Password field if Password authentication was configured
  • Improved Target verification to prevent concurrent verification of the same target which, in some instances, can cause problems resulting in incomplete scheduled synchronizations
  • Fixed a problem where it was possible that targets were not verified prior to synchronization; the synchronizer now forces verification of targets before running
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the partition scheme information about a volume raised an exception
  • Addressed a misleading tooltip for the "Preserve resource forks" option
  • Eliminated a crash that could occur when closing a sync document window shortly after activating it
  • Fixed a visual artifact that occurred with Container Sync documents on Sierra when opening a document on the Documents panel and switching to the Options panel where big black rectangle would appear as the controls were added to the window
  • Fixed a bug related to SmartScan and old sync documents that did not record the ‘lastDataSize’ property of synchronized file-pairs; this problem only happens if an old sync document were ‘upgraded’ to include the Data Size trigger
  • Fixed a minor leak in the local agent connection profile that would leak the agent password every time it was retrieved from the keychain
  • The Document Organizer does not allow dragged sync documents to be dropped on other applications; this prevents a potential problem where a sync document could be unexpectedly moved
  • Updated the target description displayed on the Target Pane of the Setup Panel to be more readable
  • We now wait up to 30 seconds for an encrypted volume to mount after it has been unlocked
  • Added and updated several localizations


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor