Choco 2.0.1 – Design photo collages.

Choco 2.0.1Choco is the ultimate photo collage designer, loaded with more than 100 helpful templates, layout generators, frames, shadows, and built-in effects to bring your images to life.

Endless template options. Get started with more than 100 pre-built templates, in three helpful categories:

  • Classic. Create classic collages with a clean-and-simple grid layout, featuring fixed numbers of rows and columns defined to meet your needs.
  • Free Style. Design free-form collages using various shapes, flexible margins, sizes, rotation and more — your only limit is the boundaries of your imagination!
  • Shapes. Access a special group of templates made to illustrate the “shapes” generator result. Simulate various shapes defined by image masks, seamlessly arranging your photos in the shape of a cloud, a cuddly kitten, or any number of unique customized configurations!

What’s New

Version 2.0.1:

  • Improved loading and rendering performance.
  • New frame types, including mask frame and bezier freeform frame.
  • Source photos can now be saved with the templates (called 'project').
  • Accurate zoom designed for precise editing.
  • Re-designed scene layout generators with in-place editors and quick preview.
  • New scene generator: 'Path', generates item over user-defined path.
  • New photo shuffle design.
  • New photo shuffler: 'Single', pushed pieces of a single photo onto the items.
  • New in-place editors for item frames and inner geometry.
  • New shadows processing, now shadow can be defined for each item in the scene invividually.
  • Multiple selection and items editing added.
  • Copy and paste operations can now be applied to the specific aspects of items: you can copy frame or photo effect only.
  • Sprite items extended with 'Quick Color Correction' and mirror effect.
  • Presets library extended with dozens new templates.
  • Resources library extended with 100+ new textures, sprites etc.
  • Dozens other minor improvements, fixes, and extensions.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later


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