Calibre 2.72 – Complete e-book library management system.

Calibre 2.72

Calibre is a complete e-book library manager. Organize your collection, convert your books to multiple formats, and sync with all of your devices. Let Calibre be your multi-tasking digital librarian.

Manage, convert, sync, and more
  • Library management. Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books that contains multiple formats. Add tags and comments for better searchability.
  • Format conversion. Calibre’s robust conversion options support

What’s New

Version 2.72.0:

New Features
  • calibre's tenth birthday edition! - calibre was first released (as libprs500) ten years ago today. A big thank you to the entire calibre community -- users, contributors and developers -- for keeping it humming for so long.
  • A new set of icons for calibre - To celebrate calibre turning ten, calibre now has a brand new set of icons designed from scratch. Note that you can choose between many different icon sets for calibre, including the original icons, from Preferences->Look & Feel->Choose icon theme
  • Book details panel: Add a copy all action to the right click menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Get Books: Update ebookpoint and woblink store plugins for website changes
  • Edit Book: When un-marking text auto-change the 'search where' location to what it was before text was marked rather than 'current file'.
  • Automatic adding: Show an error if the user specifies a folder whose name starts with a dot or underscore.
  • OS X: Fix a regression that caused incorrect display of the icon in pop-up message boxes when using a Retina display.
  • Kobo driver: Fix an error when migrating very old settings
  • Kobo driver: Fix a regression that broke handling of reading status for devices running old 1.9x versions of the Kobo firmware
  • Edit Book: When using the arrange into folders tool do not change the case of already existing folders in the book.
Improved News Sources
  • LWN Weekly
  • Financial Times
  • MIT Technology Review
  • The Hindu


OS X 10.7.2 or later, 64-bit processor


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