calibre 2.59.0 – Complete e-book library management system.

calibre 2.59.0

Calibre is a complete e-book library manager. Organize your collection, convert your books to multiple formats, and sync with all of your devices. Let Calibre be your multi-tasking digital librarian.

Manage, convert, sync, and more
  • Library management. Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books that contains multiple formats. Add tags and comments for better searchability.
  • Format conversion. Calibre’s robust conversion options support


Version 2.59.0:

New Features
  • Amazon metadata download: Download the series information when available from
  • Amazon metadata download: Recognize common patterns of embedding the series name after the title and remove it automatically
  • Edit Book: Add support for EPUB 3 to the Table of Contents tool. Now when editing EPUB 3 files using the tool will automatically generate both the EPUB 3 navigation document and the NCX table of contents for backwards compatibility.
  • EPUB Input: Implement reading of Table of Contents from EPUB 3 files that do not specify a fallback NCX ToC
  • EPUB metadata: When setting a cover image for an EPUB file that has no metadata cover image defined, add the new cover image as a pure metadata cover instead of aborting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash on exit if any plugins have loaded code that raises exceptions during shutdown.
  • Copy to library: Speed up checking for duplicates when copying multiple books to a large library.
  • Get Books: Update Smashwords plugin for website changes.
  • Edit Book: Fix a bug in the new text search facility that could cause searches to fail when searching from the current cursor position instead of the top of the file.
  • Bulk conversion dialog: Fix page margin settings being ignored when converting to DOCX
  • Make the default shortcut for remove books Backspace on OS X since many mac keyboards have no delete key and the backspace key is labelled as delete
  • Edit Book: Check Book: Do not warn if a cover image is not referenced in the text
  • E-book viewer: Fix a bug that could cause incorrect rendering of chapter titles in some rare circumstances.
  • Windows console output: Handle consoles with non black and white color scheme correctly
  • Fix a regression in 2.57 that caused auto-removal of borders from covers to become much less proficient at detecting borders
  • Fix a regression in 2.57 that broke grayscaling of images
Improved News Sources
  • Technology Review (DE)


OS X 10.7.2 or later, 64-bit processor


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