Caffeinated 2.0 – a fast, easy to use, stand alone RSS reader

Caffeinated 2.0Caffeinated 2.0 is a fast, easy to use, stand alone RSS reader. Built upon version 1.3.3’s base system it has been rewritten to be completely stand alone, fast and fun to use.

Along with its beautiful interface ( which looks stunning on a Retina Display ), Caffeinated also is feature rich, heres a few of what it has to offer:

– Manual subscription management, you can import / export, subscribe, ubsubscribe and manually reorder your subscriptions
– Share articles to multiple services, these include:
– Twitter ( or on 10.8 you can choose to use the Sharing Service )
– Facebook
– Buffer
– Readability
– Delicious
– Google Plus
– Instapaper
– Pinboard
– Read It Later
– Safari Reading List
– Evernote
– Messages ( 10.8 only via Sharing Service )
– Email ( via your email client )

Also great features such as:

– Create custom shortcuts for various actions
– View the original article within the application
– View articles in various sorting orders and groups
– Extremely customisable, custom themeable articles
– Full Retina Display support

Caffeinated 2.0 has also been tweaked and change under the hood to provide incredible responsiveness whilst casually using the application or whilst storing thousands of articles.
This is just the start, Caffeinated is always being actively worked on to improve and bring new features to the table. Also comes with great customer support.

What’s New

Version 2.0:
Note:Before updating to this version, please export your current subscription from the Subscriptions menu item within 1.3.3's menu bar (or via Google Reader), as 2.0 allows you to import your subscriptions back in, or read: What's new:

  • Super fast RSS / Atom parsing engine which learns on the fly which subscriptions are more active then others to give you content from those quicker
  • Newer improved/fresher user interface, get at what you want quicker and easier
  • Incredible performance, 2.0 has been tweaked and tested to provide the best experience when working with large amounts of items and subscriptions
  • Brand new icon, which looks beautiful in your dock and within the application
  • Article list now shows thumbnails
  • Extra buttons have been put in place, you can now see, all items, unread and starred per folder and subscription
  • You can click the group header with in the article list to scroll back to the top
  • Mark as read whilst scrolling
What's improved::
  • Performance has been improved massively
  • Notifications are now quicker and displaying
  • Reorganising subscriptions is now faster
  • User interface when scrolling is now more responsive
  • Memory footprint is now less
  • CPU usage is now less
  • Importing and exporting is now lighting fast
  • Much better offline support
  • Much better support for foreign characters
What's fixed:
  • Various crashes and bugs have been killed
  • Buffer sharing service crash has been fixed
  • Sending via the share service of Messages crash has been fixed
  • Much quicker launch speed
  • Notifications now correctly remove themselves from notification centre if you mark its associated item as read


OS X 10.6 or later


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