Caffeinated 1.1 – An aesthetically pleasing Google Reader client.

Caffeinated is a beautiful Google Reader client that seamlessly syncs with your Google Reader account. Caffeinated supports sending to your favourite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and also bookmarking / read it later services such as Instapaper and Read It Later.

Some other features include:

  • Plugin architecture for developers
  • Find and subscribe to feeds
  • Basic “resume”, start off where you left off ( also works on 10.6 )
  • Basic click for flash
  • Readability mode to see the full article
  • Fully customisable shortcuts
  • Subscription organisation

…and much more!


Version 1.1:

  • Brand new icon
  • Added refresh / sync button – check preferences
  • Added mark all as read button – check preferences
  • Added menu bar item – check preferences
  • Added ability to remove read items locally on sync
  • Added ability to remove read items from the list on sync
  • Readability now uses encoding specified from the website – if the incorrect encoding is served then I cannot help that
  • Syncing is now crazy fast compared to last version also changed how sync works – check preferences
  • Overal performance increase
  • Fixed issue with not syncing after waking up or a long period of time
  • Fixed unsubscribe crash
  • Fixed subscribe crash
  • Fixed random crashing
  • Fixed issue with spacebar not scrolling correctly on last item
  • Fixed issue with website fonts being small
  • Fixed issue with scrollbars overlaying their content when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed issue with plugins enabling themselves / not obeying preferences
  • Fixed issue with folders disappearing after you add them
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions list randomly scrolling
  • Removed alert that shows when cannot connect to Google
  • Changed a few small icons to tie in with the rest of OS X.
  • Changed default theme’s default font to Helvetica
  • Added ability to set larger font and larger line height to default theme
  • Various other bugs and enhancements

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