[BT]OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2

Apple has today released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 to developers of Mac applications. The company has also posted a list of known issues and bugs with the latest OS.

Known issues include the following:

  • • 32-bit kernel extensions are not supported in Mountain Lion
  • AirPlay mirroring is not supported with the with the current version of the Apple TV software

Game Center

  • The Game Center Server environment is set to Sandbox. Existing Sandbox accounts may be used, or you may create a new account
    • In the Sandbox environment:
      • Game & Friend Recommendations are not supported
      • Friends can view games in common but not friends’ other games
      • Photos are not supported
      • No email vetting and friend requests to un-vetted email addresses are allowed
      • No support for out of network friend requests is provided
      • Game matchmaking versioning restrictions are more relaxed
    • Some of the Game Detail information does not display (Game Provider, Pricing, etc.) in this Developer Preview
    • Search is not functional
    • No badges shown for Friend Requests
    • Peer-to-Peer GameKit API is not supported
    • Leaderboards, Achievements, or Players may be displayed incorrectly.  To resolve this issue quit Game Center and re-launch
  • The new Notes application does not currently import the following types of notes:
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Notes existing in sub-folders of IMAP accounts
    • Local notes in an “On My Mac” account

Notes in these accounts will be available in Mail

  • Notes shared via Messages may not include note content
  • Screen Sharing may not work between OS X Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard or earlier OS X releases in this Developer Preview
  • AppleScript is not fully functional in this Developer Preview
    • AppleScripts used to launch Applications which are not already open will time out
    • AppleScripts may not be able to send AppleEvents to Mail
  • DVD Player may not launch after inserting a DVD on some systems
  • DVD Movie Playback does not work on certain NVIDIA GPUs
  • Horizontal metrics for Apple SD Gothic Neo are narrower than in AppleGothic.  Applications localized to Korean may experience text layout underflow in multi-line text strings
  • Video content with displays that use HDCP may experience graphics corruption on certain NVIDIA GPUs
  • Enabling display rotation causes kernel panic on certain NVIDIA GPUs
  • Signing into Setup Assistant with your AppleID does not sign you into iCloud
  • NSDocument-based applications which use auto-save & iCloud entitlements will be opted into the new Document Library automatically. The option to disable this is not currently available
  • Kernel, kexts, and zones are now based at unpredictable addresses at each boot.  The addresses in the kernel symbol table are unslid, and will not accurately reflect a running system.  Provided that Xcode 4.4 gdb is used, KASLR is transparent to kernel debugging
    • To temporarily disable KASLR, set “slide=0″ in the boot-args
  • Panics may occur when a Port Multiplier or PCI eSATA drive is attached
  • While booted into the Recovery Partition, you may be unable to connect to WiFi networks
  • Safari does not function in the Recovery Partition
  • Restoring from network backups in the Recovery Partition may fail

OS X Mountain Lion is Apple’s next major operating system version and is scheduled for release in “late summer”. The release will offer greater integration with iCloud, as well as a number of new feature including some drawn from iOS.

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