Boxy 2.0 – Desktop client for Inbox by Gmail.

Boxy 2.0

Boxy is the first Mac client for Inbox by Gmail, built to support every Inbox feature, and to be fast and reliable, with a sleek interface that fits OS X and looks familiar to Inbox users. The app is designed by Fabrizio Rinaldi and developed by Francesco Di Lorenzo.

What’s New

Version 2.0:

  • Brand new Multi-Account system. Faster and more reliable.
  • New Status Bar Menu to quickly see and access your accounts.
  • Global Notifications. We completely revamped our notification system, you’ll be notified about new messages in all your accounts.
  • Saved Searches. You can now save your most used searches, which can also be triggered via shortcuts — a big productivity boost for e-mail hardcore users.
  • Completely rewritten styling and refined interface design, with much better information density.
  • Brand-new “Crimson” Theme.
  • Redesigned White Theme.
  • New app icon, and custom icons for specific themes.
  • Account name is now in the app’s Nav Bar.
  • New bigger font size option.
  • Core stability and performance improvements due to completely rewritten core logic.
  • Reader Mode button is now in the messages list. (appears when hovering on a message)
  • Boxy’s windows are now titled and recognized by the system according to the open account. This is especially handy if you time tracking apps like "Timing", which will not separate your accounts.
  • Files can now be attached via a File Picker. (before it was only Drag & Drop)
  • Better print support. Now printing attachments opens your default browser with the print dialog shown. Emails, instead, can be printed directly into Boxy.
  • You can now hit Cmd + and Cmd
  • to change Boxy's UI font size.
  • Shortcuts to change accounts have been changed to Cmd+1, 2, 3...
  • You can now change theme from the View menu.
  • Also, account shortcuts now brings the app back in foreground if it was hidden.
  • You can now add a new account directly in a new window. (hold Alt)
  • More granular, per-account settings.
  • New Interface > Hide email counts setting. (for real minimalists)
  • Avatars in notifications are now proper Google avatars.
  • Improved support for multi-screen setups. Now Boxy remembers all your opened accounts and upon launch restores them even with multiple screens attached.
  • Better font size consistency.
  • Improved logic to reconnect when Mac is offline when Boxy launches.
  • Obviously, tons of bug fixes.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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