Bookends 12.7.7 – Reference management and bibliography software.

Bookends 12.7.7

Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information-management system for students and professionals.

Access the power of Bookends directly from Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro, or MS Word (including Word 2011): Bookends allows you to scan your existing word-processor files and automatically generate finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. You can also scan Apple Pages ’08, ’09, and 5, and OpenOffice 3 files, or RTF files saved from any word processor.

Bookends allows you to share your references over the Internet with anyone, on any platform. And with Bookends, you can directly search and import references from numerous sources:

  • EndNote
  • PubMed
  • Web of Science
  • Google Scholar
  • Amazon
  • Library of Congress
  • arXiv
  • and hundreds of other online sources.

Or use a built-in browser to download references with PDF’s and/or Web pages. Also, with automatic searches of PubMed, you can discover articles as soon as they’re published. Bookends allows for powerful group-based searches, with static, smart, and virtual groups.

Bookends also offers a robust assortment of file attachment features:

  • Attach any file (such as a PDF) to a reference and view or open it instantly.
  • Automatically rename and organize PDF files on-the-fly.
  • Automatically download and attach the PDF of an article from the Internet if you have access permission.
  • Automatically locate and attach PDF’s on your hard drive.

Sync your library with Bookends On Tap on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, so that you have your references and PDF’s with you, wherever you are.

What’s New

Version 12.7.7:

  • Greatly expanded sources from which you can Autocomplete Paper - In addition to the built-in sources for Autocomplete Paper, you can use Amazon, arXiv, the Library of Congress, and any Z39.50-compliant institution for which Bookends has an import filter. The same filters available in Online Search (i.e. checked in the Import Filter Manager) can be used when you do an Autocomplete paper.
  • Created workarounds for PDFKit bugs in Sierra 10.12.2 that crashed Bookends - Note that in Sierra 10.12.2 you can’t make annotations other than highlights and may not be able to see notes and comments in the Bookends PDF annotation view. Until Apple fixes these bugs or we can work around them, avoid upgrading to Sierra 10.12.2.
  • Updated the automated PubMed search to work around changes made by NCBI
  • The setting for automatically renaming a PDF when Autocomplete Paper is remembered between launches
  • Import books from PubMed
  • Bookends will treat .nbib files exported from PubMed as text files when you try to import the references
  • Bookends will automatically escape "type" to "[type]" if necessary when an SQL search is entered and saved by the user
  • Improvements in Bookends Browser - Reference detection in web pages is more robust, automatic downloading of PDFs works with more journals, and web pages are loaded much more quickly. To avoid long delays in parsing web pages with many DOIs, Bookends will limit the DOI candidates it detects to 30.
  • You can combine the [ and - metacharacters in a temporary citation - This will remove the author name from the final citation and have parentheses converted to brackets. Use like this: {[-temp cite}. This feature does not yet work with Mellel.
  • Remove Duplicates based on DOI or PMID
  • The hit (marked) status of a reference will be retained in the daughter when you Replicate as Book Chapter
  • This means that if you are showing the Hits list when you perform this function, the new (replicated) reference will appear without you having to show All.
  • Improved identification of certain publication titles when importing from CrossRef
  • The order of annotations shown in the note stream better corresponds to the order in the PDF
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with two different source parsers that imported from sequential tags in a text file
    • Fixed a bug in the PDF annotation view where the Command-+ and Command-- keyboard shortcuts for zoom in and zoom out didn't work
    • Fixed a bug that prevented removal of format Types that the user tried to delete
    • Fixed a bug in a descending sort of the single column list when Date Added or Date Modified was in use
    • Fixed a cosmetic bug in automated PubMed search were the line showing author names could be duplicated
    • Fixed a bug where the tag cloud stopwords were ignored if the user modified the default setting
    • Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to remain in the front when some scans were initiated
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an error to be thrown for some automated PubMed searches
    • Fixed a bug in proofreading scans where a backslash before and after literal text would be doubled
    • Fixed a bug where the pop-up menu that selects what type of files to show in the Open File dialog could be disabled by mistake
    • Fixed a bug in the generation of BibTeX keys where incorrect or illegal text could be included if the first author's name was not entered as surname, first name
    • Fixed a bug in Autofill From Internet where chapters could have the book title and chapter title mingled in the Volume field and the DOI of the chapter was replaced by that of the book
    • Fixed an error that occurred when emailing a non-PDF attachment when "remove annotations before sending" was checked in preferences
    • Updated the PubMed parser so that author affiliations are imported again.


OS X 10.7 or later


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