BoinxTV 1.9 – Live-production software for video podcasters.

BoinxTV 1.9BoinxTV is the pioneering live-production software for video podcasters that turns any recent Mac into a TV studio “for the rest of us”.

Record stunning studio shows, podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, sermons, seminars and more using your Mac, multiple cameras, microphones and other footage. With its innovative user interface, BoinxTV makes it easy to create professional “TV style” recordings, setting a new quality level in the production of video podcasts.

Video podcasters currently have to spend many hours editing their takes to get a professional looking result. Post-production is a time-consuming part of their workflow. BoinxTV reduces the overall production time dramatically as cuts, graphic effects, titles and more can be applied during the recording of the show. Everything that can be done during live recording does not have to be done in post production.

What’s New

Version 1.9:

  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility.
  • JavaScript inside layers has been completely replaced with Lua. Lua provides all necessary features while requiring far less memory. In addition, lots of crahes inside JavaScript core are finally gone for good.
  • Keyboard shortcuts should work now in all places of the UI.
  • Completely rewritten fullscreen output based on new technology. A visible effect is that the mouse cursor can no longer overlay the fullscreen output.
  • Fullscreen behavior should be more consistent.
  • Changing the document size will now also update fullscreen output if active.
  • All previews are displayed in Retina resolution when running on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
  • The crawl layer (and underlaying Quartz Composer patch) now work on MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
  • Avoid tearing of all output views.
  • Updated documentation references.
  • Movie Playback: Major changes to movie playback should cause a lot less issues with memory getting full.
  • Movie sources can now be configured as looped from within BoinxTV. Select a movie source in the source repository and select 'Looped' from the source settings action menu.
  • Completely new audio engine. While not yet offering any new features, the internal architecture of the audio engine has been completely rewritten for improved performance, less latency and better overall audio quality.
  • The Enhancements Settings on the audio output mix can now be adjusted by the user.
  • Audio output enhancement setup is now saved to the document.
  • Audio artifacts and loss of signal issues should be resolved.
  • Incorporated new FastSpring store.
  • New iMedia 3 Media Browser that uses far less memory and works with latest versions of media apps.
  • Resolved some alpha channel issues on ATI graphic cards when running on OS X Lion 10.7
  • Correct previews of filtered sources in source repository.
  • Possible deadlock when changing file reference type of movie sources.
  • Create export AppleScripts from a template.
  • Layer templates can now be exported and are prepared for your own layer development.
  • Resolving some issues with multiple GPU support.
  • Checking for defect ATI/AMD graphic drivers on some systems on opening a document.
  • The Delay setting inside the Device Preferences once again works.
  • New artwork for iPad mini and iPhone 5 in the iOS Device Demo layer.
  • Audio only layer shows correct preview in the sidebar.
  • Document resizing works as expected.
  • Sometimes recording would stop all of a sudden when Time Machine was enabled on a machine.
  • New option to clear the recent recordings shown in the export panel.
  • Resolved some issues where the user could break codesigning of the app, because some files inside the application got revealed in the Finder for editing.
  • Various drawing glitches have been fixed.
  • Many memory issues have been fixed, resulting in improvements to stability and performance.
  • Many more small bug fixes and enhancements.


Intel OS X 10.6 or later QuickTime 7.6.6 or later


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