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Bloom 1.0.467 – Lightweight, cross-platform, procedural graphics editor (was Ormr).

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Bloom 1.0.467

Bloom (was Ormr) is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform procedural graphics editor that lets you tweak any action you have ever performed — organized by layer. In Bloom, everything is numerically adjustable – all the time, long after the initial effect has been applied. You can tweak and adjust every detail to your heart’s delight until your creation is absolutely perfect.

  • Seamless vector and raster
  • True non-destructive editing
  • 16-bit-per-channel everything
  • Best-in-class PSD importer
  • Layer blending effects
  • Digital tablet support

These amazing features are just the tip of the iceberg. Integrating all of them to work together creates an unparalleled application, that, when mixed in with our unique procedural approach results in a truly first-of-its kind, next generation graphics editor. There’s even more features than we describe here, such as live, on-canvas Liquify tool, layer masks, paint mask mode, customizable shape, gradient, brush and layer style libraries, and more.

Bloom even imports Adobe Photoshop Brush and Shape library files for added convenience. Moreover, we’re not sitting still: we’ve got tons of amazing ideas for the future, and we’re working hard on implementing them.


Version 1.0.467:

New and Improved
  • Added an initial version of an OpenEXR exporter
  • Added the ability to draw arrows at the start and end of the lines and multilines
  • Holding Shift now allows vector control points to snap when using the Vector Edit tool
  • Fixed cases where the application would crash while shutting down on OS X
  • Fixed cases where moving vector control points with keyboard arrow keys would not work
  • Fixed cases where inserting a new vector control point would fail
  • Fixed cases where selecting a vector control point could cause it to snap incorrectly
  • Fixed cases where saving a text layer with no text would load a "__none__" text instead
  • Fix Level operator knobs losing focus when the mouse is dragged outside of the knob region


OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor