BetterZip 3.0 – Archiving tool.


BetterZip lets you quickly inspect archives without first extracting their contents.

  • Extract Only Files You Really Need: If you only need a few files or folders from a larger archive, you don’t have to extract the whole thing. Simply drag the files you need from the BetterZip window to any Finder window or the desktop.
  • Open Archives Without Extracting: Not only can BetterZip open archives without first extracting them but you can also search for a file using the iTunes-like interface. BetterZip can open and extract archives with the most common formats: ZIP, SIT, TAR, XAR, GZip, BZip2, RAR, 7-Zip, CPIO, ARJ, LZH/LHA, JAR, WAR, CAB, ISO, CHM, RPM, DEB, NSIS, BIN, HQX.
  • Create Archives: Simply drag files and folders from your hard drives, disks, or network places into your new zip file. You no longer have to copy all the files into a temporary folder first. The supported formats are ZIP, TAR, GZip and BZip2 compressed TAR, XAR, 7-ZIP, and RAR (using the external RAR commandline tool). Large archives can also be split.
  • Protect Your Data: BetterZip can protect your data with a password and create WinZip compatible AES-256 encrypted archives. 7-zip and rar archives can also be protected.
  • Update Archives: Add new or updated files to existing archives. Remove any file or folder from an archive, or even move files around inside the archive as if it were a normal folder.
  • Make Archives Compatible: Strip Mac specific files and resource forks from archives for best compatibility with systems like Windows or Linux.

What’s New

Version 3.0:

New Features
  • The new Direct Mode speeds up working with large archives by making archive preparation and recompression obsolete.
  • Extensive Apple Script support.
  • Support for XZ archives.
  • Integrated the BetterZip Quick Look Generator.
  • Extract the whole archive or single files from the Quick Look generator.
  • Display, add, and update archive comments for ZIP and RAR formats.
  • BetterZip 3 adds a password generator which suggests strong passwords whenever you need them.
  • Open, extract, and quick look winmail.dat files.
  • Open, extract, and modify ePub files.
  • Open, extract, and quick look(!) Apple disk images (DMG files).
  • Add custom filename extensions that BetterZip handles.
  • Test archives using the operations queue.
  • Add column file status and icon badges to show whether items have been modified (replaced, edited, moved, etc.)
  • Support for the OS X notification center.
  • Added a "create folder" option for archives with only one root item.
  • The updated visual style better fits in with Yosemite's look and there's Retina imagery throughout.
  • Added a hidden setting to show hidden files and folders in the save/open panels (Ninja abound).
  • A new page in the help system collects all available hidden settings for convenient access.
  • Allow filenames to contain ? and *.
  • Audible feedback when extracting files by dragging and dropping.
  • Mac items, e.g., AppleDouble ._ files are now displayed in gray and cannot be selected or manipulated on their own, because that doesn't make sense anyway.
  • RAR and 7z formats now have an additional compression factor that creates solid archives. With this setting, multiple files are compressed together, often leading to even higher compression ratio. The disadvantage is that extracting individual files is significantly slower as are archive updates in direct mode.
  • Moved passwords from save presets to password manager.


OS X 10.9 or later


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