BBEdit 11.6.3 – Powerful text and HTML editor.

BBEdit 11.6.3

BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Mac. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit transforms text with high performance.

An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdit’s best of class features including grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Perl, and OS X Unix scripting support, glossary support, and a complete set of HTML tools.

What’s New

Version 11.6.3:

  • In project views, you can now resize the Currently Open Documents section by dragging the section header. (A single click will still expand/collapse it.) This provides improved usability over the previous state of affairs.
  • Fixed a bug in which URL-unsafe characters in a document's location would light a fuse that resulted in drawing glitches while reshaping the document's window, and an eventual crash when closing the document or quitting the application.
  • Fixed bug in which case transformations in Grep replacement patterns (U, L, and so forth) would not perform the correct transformations on non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed bug in which contextual menu commands were not shown for sidebar items after the end of the evaluation period.
  • Content in PHP in HTML documents can once again be spell-checked.
  • Fixed a bug in which single clicks would occasionally (and unintentionally) act as though a drag were being started.
  • Fixed bug in which the path popup in the navigation bar didn't resize correctly when saving an untitled document or moving an existing document to a new location.
  • Made a change so that the Live Search box text field is only created if needed, rather than when the window is made. This resolves a delay at startup that occurs in certain pathological environments due to a performance bug in the OS.
  • Made a change to Open File by Name searching so that exact matches for the entered file name are always included, even in very large search spaces, rather than being lost due to restrictions on the maximum number of search results.
  • Fixed bug in which partial paths with trailing slashes entered into the "Open File by Name" window did not show files whose paths would have partially matched the directory path that was entered.
  • The results window for a multi-file replace now includes the total number of replacements (across all files) in the summary description.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening items from an SFTP browser.
  • "Previous Conflict" and "Next Conflict" now wrap around (if necessary).
  • Fixed bug in which the Document Status navigation bar item was not visible in Differences windows when it should have been.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Open File by Name search box would reset when the data source was a folder that changed while the Open File by Name window was open.
  • Fixed bug in which anything other than basic state data (markers, selection ranges, and folds) wasn't saved correctly when using the expert preference to store state in a file's "resource fork" (implemented today as extended attributes).
  • Worked around Radar 28523085, in which the headers of scrolling lists used in various palettes and sheets would draw incorrectly while scrolling.
  • Added a plural form for shell document to the scripting dictionary.
  • Recent versions of Cyberduck no longer conform to the "ODB Editor" protocol for providing necessary information when using its "Edit" command. The file's remote location is now derived by other means in this case (when possible).
  • Fixed bug in which the function menu and document icon items in a Differences window's navigation bar would sometimes show information for the wrong document in the window.
  • Fixed a bug in which modifier changes during text drag-to-select could cause unexpected selection behavior.
  • Made a change to fix the cause of a spurious crash at startup on macOS 10.12.
  • Made a change to improve typing performance by eliminating the maintenance work done for keyboard-equivalent matching in menus for which there are no configurable keyboard equivalents.
  • Fixed crash which would occur when trying to change the keyboard equivalent for a script or clipping item in the Menus & Shortcuts preferences.
  • Worked around Radar 29001343, in which using one of the print dialogs on macOS Sierra would leave the application in such a state that attempting to bring up a modal sheet would typically do nothing except beep.
  • - Markdown previewing better handles github-style fenced codeblocks that don't specify their language.
  • Fixed a bug in the Ruby color scanner in which it would get very upset if a heredoc was not closed before the end of the file.
  • Made a change to the "Open Selection" behavior so that if the selected text is a partial path, BBEdit will do a search using the "Open File by Name" mechanics, and if there's a single match, simply open the file rather than opening the "Open File by Name" window.
  • Git revision comparison now ensures a unique file name, to resolve an error that would occur when fetching the same revision data multiple times.
  • Fixed bug in which attempting to create a new file (using Save As) would fail without requesting privilege escalation, in situations when it should have done so.
  • Made changes to work around inappropriately aggressive WebKit caching of assets used by "Preview in BBEdit" live previews. As a bonus, "Preview in BBEdit" live previews will now load page assets from documents open in BBEdit. So, for example, if you make edits to a CSS or JavaScript document referenced by a preview and then reload the preview, the changes will be visible immediately, without requiring you to save the CSS or JavaScript.
  • Fixed bug in which the current working directory was not set appropriately when running a Unix text filter; this would cause problems for text filters in packages that needed to locate resources relative to the filter itself.
  • Made a change so that using the "Open File by Name" command will set keyboard focus into the Open File by Name window's search box and select the search box's contents in cases where the window was already open.
  • Project window titles in the Window menu now omit the ".bbprojectd" suffix, since after all brevity is the soul of wit.
  • Fixed a bug in which new documents created from stationery with a file name extension would inappropriately try to auto-guess the language based on the new document's contents.
  • Fixed bug in which a stray drop-down arrow was drawn in the navigation bar of an editing window when no document was being displayed.
  • The Functions and Markers palettes now remember their column positions and sort order.
  • Fixed bug in which clicking a close button in the Windows palette would not close the desired window in cases where the document was open in multiple windows, and alone in the window whose close button was clicked.
  • Made a change to the Kite support so that we only create our Kite listener socket if Kite is actually running. This means that a mysterious .kite/plugin_socks/ directory will no longer appear on systems where Kite isn't installed and running.
  • Added a new flag to bbresults: -n (or --new-window), which will force a new results window in cases where the application might otherwise have decided to re-use an existing results window.
  • bbresults adds a new built-in pattern: grep, which is suitable for parsing the output of grep(1).
  • Fixed a bug in which "Paste & Match Indentation" did not properly appear on the contextual menu when holding down the Shift and Option keys.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed duplication of items on the Open Recent menu in cases where an opened item was moved to a new location and/or renamed.
  • Fixed bug which prevented Open Recent from remounting disks (including disk images) when choosing an item from the menu.
  • Worked around a behavior of the OS dictation system in which it would insert naked carriage returns when new line or new paragraph was spoken; these would appear as gremlins.
  • The "Done" button is now the default (as intended) after entering a license code in the License panel.
  • Fixed a bug in which some filter settings were missing from the file filter popup menu in TextWrangler disk browsers.
  • Made a change to CRLF conversion to preserve legacy behavior: namely a naked CR is now converted to the internal representation, rather than being left alone and being represented as a gremlin.
  • "Check Syntax" will ignore the #! line in the document you're checking, which fixes a bug in which checking the syntax of a Python document with a #! line would fail to do anything visible. The "Run", "Run in Terminal", and "Debug" commands will honor the #! line.
  • Made some adjustments to the evaluation mode behavior.


OS X 10.9.5 or later


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