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BackUp Gmail 1.9.1 – Creates a local backup of your Gmail account.

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BackUp Gmail

Creates a local backup of your Gmail account.
Lightweight, silent and reliable.

BackUp Gmail is the easiest way to backup your Gmail account and protect your data.

* Multiple accounts
* Very simple Restore procedure (with resume feature)
* You can access your data whenever you want: all emails are saved in plain text (.eml format with attachments)
* Install it and forget about it, is a lightweight Status Bar App that works in the background
* Personalize it: how the backup is performed, set-up your destination folders as you wish and and decide if you want an hourly or daily backup of your account (and set the times yourself)
* Snapshots of folders (Gmail labels)


Version 1.9.1:

  • new icons (Retina supported)
  • improved performance
  • fixed bug on Mailbox relationship
  • fixed bug on new Email task
  • fixed launch at login
  • fixed DateNull folder


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor