AutoMailer 2.4 – Send text and Web email to a large number of recipients.

AutoMailer 2.4

AutoMailer allows sending of personalised emails to multiple addresses, in text or web format, each merged with data from an internal database. It lets you prepare and send an unlimited number of emails with a single click, each with custom contents depending of each recipient. AutoMailer is able to import from external sources in a smart and simple way. The user can import addresses and any kind of data from any database able to export in text format, whether CSV (comma-separated value),TSV (tab-separated value), or CSV-S (character-separated value using semicolon). The application is able to automatically detect during imports the data type and the file-encode method to provide imports of data without any problems.

Emails sent by AutoMailer are standard emails. People receiving the emails will not notice any difference compared to standard emails and they will be able to reply to them as usually.

AutoMailer is document-based and allows you to use as many documents as you need to manage all the different lists and required emails. AutoMailer is a flexible tools to manage your mailing list directly from your Mac.AutoMailer 2.4

What’s New

Version 2.4:

  • Improved mail-send engine
  • Improved asynchronous operations
  • Possibility now to maintain a list of servers used to send mails, all managed in the preferences
  • Servers password are now archived encrypted
  • Improved log
  • Improved import functions and layout
  • Bug fix


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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