Autodesk Smoke 2013 – Professional Video Editing Software for Mac

Autodeskx Smoke professional video editing and effects software for Mac is designed to meet the needs of video editors who need to do more than just edit By integrating a familiar timeline workflow and node-based compositing, Smoke connects editing and effects like never before. Smoke video editing software for Mac includes finishing tools for 3D compositing, color correction, and motion graphics This all-in-one workflow eliminates the need for round-tripping between multiple creative applications and provides a fast and iterative creative environment for storytelling.

The Video Editing Tools You Know, the Effects You Crave

  • Familiar track-based video editing environment combined with essential tools for color correction, motion graphics, and visual effects
  • New timeline workflow designed for video editors
  • Conform timelines from Apple® Final Cut Pro® and Avid® Media Composer® video editing software

ConnectFX: Node-Based Compositing Without Leaving Your Timeline

  • Move quickly from your timeline to a full node-based compositing workflow. Tell your story and work fast with essential video editing and effects tools where you need them.
  • Easily experiment and make changes to complex effects. Results are automatically fed back into your edit.
  • Eliminate the need for plug-ins, workarounds, or managing metadata from multiple applications.

Powerful 3D Visual Effects

  • Go beyond 2D layer-based compositing with the Action compositing environment.
  • Use true 3D visual effects tools for 3D text, titles, animated motion graphics, 3D logos, and total control over lighting.
  • Create stereoscopic 3D (S3D) effects with tools for conforming, editing, and compositing.


ISO | 1.4 Gb


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