Autodesk Flare 2018.2 – Advanced 3D visual effects software.

Autodesk Flare 2018.2

Flare – Calibration and correction 3D color flexible. Expand your digital compositing capabilities with Flare software. It includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, the introduction of codes and reset.

Creative capacity expanded
Flare fits your existing process calls.
Speed feedback
Add Flare to expand creative capacity.
More power digital compositing
Access more tools, more processing options.
Scalable and flexible access
Flexible licensing and hardware options.
Collaboration tools
Multiple artists can work within the same project.

What’s New

Version 2018.2:

Paint Enhancements
  • Paint Tool (Desktop Paint):
    • Processes 16-bit floating point media.
    • Supports Autodesk Colour Management.
  • Paint Node:
    • Edit Mode – allows you to modify, animate and reorder strokes.
    • Additional Drag, Wash, Shade, and Erase functions.
    • Drawing Shapes and Brush sets.
    • 32-bit floating point processing.
Connected Conform Workflow
  • Enhanced AAF sequence import/export.
  • FCP 10.3 XML file support (XML 1.6), and XML from Adobe Premiere CC 2017 support.
  • More flexible media matching and faster linking.
  • Advanced shot naming.
  • New scene detect tool.


OS X 10.10 or later


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