Antetype 1.2.0 – Interface design tool.

Antetype 1.2.0Antetype UI designer is a brand new, ground-breaking design application that supports user-interface designers at every step of their work. Design beautiful interfaces, invent new widgets, style them, and put it all together in an interactive prototype!


  • Multiple Looks and Feels: Looks and feels are stored globally in the shared library and can be applied with one click. Any project can be shown in any Look and Feel.
  • Advanced Layout Engine: Any complex layout can be realized with nesting, tables, and flow layouts. Elements can stretch and shrink to adapt to the available space or their content’s size.
  • Platform-Independent Web Viewer: Screens designed with the Mac version can be viewed in the free Web viewer. Enjoy Antetype’s advanced layout engine right in the browser.
  • Shared Widget Library: The widget library is available in all projects. Changes made to existing widgets or completely new custom widgets can be synced application-wide and made available in any Antetype project.

What’s New

Version 1.2.0:


  • Add a "Edit in Editor" Command on Resources
  • USE CASE: Create Widget Specification
  • USE CASE: Markup a screen with notes
  • New rubber band selection mode for interaction inspector
  • Property Binding
  • Add CMD-option-0 as shortcut to centre
  • Navigating between screens shortcut changed to cmd-option LEFT and RIGHT Arrows
  • Add search field to the screen inspector
  • Set clipping off as default for groups
  • Style inspector shows text content of cell
  • Trial licences will automatically be extended by 15 days for each new release
  • Added @2x option to export dialogs - always export at 72 DPI, @2x images at 144 DPI and twice as big
  • Added panel to widget inspector that points to
  • Cut and Paste now working with MS Office apps
  • Add Search field to the target selection window for cells (used in binding and animation)
  • Changing interaction types does not remember target
  • Interaction inspector always come up int he centre of the screen
  • Use Automatic Reference Counting
Bug fixes
  • AT-1694 always repaint target-rects
  • AT-1685 made sure paint-above-all honors parent visibility
  • AT-1690 widget with triangle in different states unusable
  • Various crash reports fixed
  • AT-1679 Web Viewer does not show cells with negative top or left
  • AT-1687 Web viewer has error with widgets with zero height or width
  • AT-1703 corrupt widget error
  • AT-1686 widget search field does not honour filters
  • AT-1691 Web viewer interaction: mouse move changes screen
  • AT-1669 Made sure horizontal layout is triggered after circle border change
  • AT-1664 Duplicating Screen does not work if a cell is selected
  • AT-1661 Hierarchy updates not working properly
Known Problems
  • AT-1622 Incorrect hierarchy update
  • AT-1649 Widget not update-able
  • AT-1659 Drag and drop inside a widget was making basic cells
  • AT-1645 Height redraw issue with shrink layout
  • AT-1618 Crash on undo
  • AT-1652 Export screen was slowly shrinking each time it was shown
  • Fixed tooltip for screen inspector
  • AT-1619 Transparent colors in export were too dark
  • AT-1654 Long screens jumped to a new position when shrunk
  • Redraw bug in presentation mode with cell based interactions
  • AT-1625 Crash after Ctrl-Click a handle
  • AT-1621 Color Picker no longer works continuously
  • AT-1580 Transparent color not working in web viewer
  • AT-1581 Clipped text using 1.25x line height
  • AT-1579 Dropped cells are not going to correct location
  • AT-1603 Using the grayscale OS X color picker within AT results in jumping to the RGB Picker
  • AT-1486 After float tick box is ticked in Style Inspector->Layout undo does work - also untick doesn't restore
  • AT-1598 Crash when accessing corrupted atype file
  • AT-1605 When the AT Color Picker is used to select rich text that has multiple colors all text is set to a single colour
  • AT-1406 conversion of images with non-srgb-profile
  • AT-1617 duplicating widgets doesn't throw an exception anymore
  • AT-1611 Unable to save, no screens are shown after multiple redo


Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.7 or later


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