Annotation Edit 1.9.86 – Editor for working with subtitles, captions, and annotations.

Annotation Edit 1.9.86

Annotation Edit is a unique editor for professional subtitles, captions, and annotations. Annotation Edit is designed to give production houses and eLearning environments a smooth subtitle workflow for Apple DVD Studio Pro / Final Cut Pro, QuickTime WebTV and broadcast. Annotation Edit can import and export DVD Studio Pro/Spruce STL, STL EBU binary (all latin characters), Final Cut Pro XML – including italic style, alignment, and position – SCC closed caption (line 21) – including italic style, and position. Import of DVD Studio Pro subtitle track item description XML – all languages at once, including italic.

There are numerous other unique features, such as automatic audio spotting, easy handling of Windows text files, unlimited tracks, server integration, MS Excel XML import, QuickTime 7 unicode text export, and lots more.


Version 1.9.86:

  • Updated autosave without versions checked in all applications.
  • MS Word import. Detects .docx saved with .doc extension.
  • EBU STL export. Re-added EBU STL technical line length warning.
  • Images exports. Revised preview and backdrop rendering.
  • Images (Blu-ray, DVD). Faster opaque renderproof.
  • DLP Timed Text export. Changed horizontal positioning of vertical text.
  • SCC closed caption import. Supports import of explicitly assigned default white text.
  • W3C Timed Text export and import.
  • Added Japanese iTunes Timed Text (.itt) export with vertical text and ruby annotation.
  • Movie volume is saved to preferences.
  • Expand/shorten selection now supports slicing, to slice hold shift on confirmation (e.g shift-tab).
  • Revised shift by line for FCP X text effect export.
  • New version of zeitAnker Teletext (added DLP Cinema and FCP X export, added color remap).
  • New version of Annotation Transcriber (with corrected updater).


OS X 10.7 or later


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