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Amadeus Pro 2.4.1 Build 1953 – Multitrack sound recorder/editor with MP3 support.

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Amadeus Pro 2.4.1 Build 1953

Amadeus Pro lets you use your Mac computer for any audio-related task, such as live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, converting between a variety of sound formats, etc. Thanks to its outstanding direct-to-disk abilities and waveform caching, edits on arbitrarily large sounds (even beyond the usual 2GB limit) are performed at lightning speed. The handling of large sounds is furthermore facilitated by the extensive support of markers. Its outstanding sound repairing and denoising abilities make Amadeus Pro particularly suitable for transferring vinyl records on CD.

  • Simple and elegant OS X-like user interface
  • Multitrack editing an recording.
  • Batch processing and conversion.
  • Sound denoising and repairing.
  • Supports a variety of sound formats, including AIFF, Multichannel Wave, MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, SoundDesigner II, QuickTime, Apple CAF, etc.
  • Support for VST and Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • A “favourite actions” palette allows to have your most commonly used effects only a mouse click away.
  • A wide range of powerful audio analysis tools.
  • Audio CDs with CD-TEXT data can be burned directly from within Amadeus Pro.


Version 2.4.1:

  • Much faster display on computers supporting Metal on OS X 10.11 and up
  • Touchbar support
  • Ogg Opus file format support
  • Auto Layout makes the interface look great in every language


OS X 10.6.6 or later