After Effects CC 2014 13.2 – Create professional motion graphics and visual effects.

After Effects  CC 2014 13.2

The new, more connected After Effects CC can make the impossible possible. Get powerful new features like a Live 3D Pipeline that brings CINEMA 4D scenes in as layers – without intermediate rendering. Share work directly from within the application and get access to new features the moment they’re released. Your entire creative world, together in one place.

After Effects CC is part of Creative Cloud. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they’re available. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich library of training videos. And Creative Cloud is integrated with Behance, so you can share your projects and get immediate feedback from creatives around the world.


Version 13.2 (2014.2):

  • Scripting improvements for text layers
  • Expression access to dynamic layer bounds
  • New keyframe icons
  • Bug fixes:
    • Applying animation presets from Bridge works as expected and no longer results in an error message.
    • Color management no longer causes a color or gamma shift in rendered images when multiprocessing is enabled.
    • Warp Stabilizer effect has been updated to fix a cause of crashes on the late 2013 model Mac Pro.
    • A cause of poor Dynamic Link performance when the main After Effects application is open has been fixed.
    • The sampleImage expression method no longer causes multiprocessing to disable.
    • The cursor icon changes immediately when you press a keyboard shortcut to change the active tool.
    • Layers now highlight as expected in the Composition panel when you roll over the layer in the Timeline panel.
    • Dragging an instance of an After Effects text template composition in Premiere Pro from the Project panel to the Timeline panel no longer causes a delay before the composition can be dropped.
    • Creating shape layers from Illustrator layers no longer creates the shapes at the wrong coordinates if the Illustrator artboard uses a video preset and the layer was imported at layer dimensions (instead of document dimensions).
    • Layers in a .c4d file in an After Effects CC (12.x) project retain their visibility state in the Cineware effect when the project is opened in After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2).
    • Windows high-DPI displays now correctly draw layer controls (anchor point, mask path, layer handles, etc.).
    • Multiple fixes for Mac OS Retina displays: layer wireframes now draw correctly; setting the ruler origin in viewer panels no longer has an offset.
    • The color of all characters are now the same in the value of a property with an expression. For example, the % symbol in Opacity values is now red instead of blue.
    • Rolling over the value of a property with an expression no longer changes the value's text color to yellow.
    • A cause of crashes on startup if the Adobe preferences directory is set to read-only was fixed.
    • A cause of crashes on quit after Video Copilot Element 3D is used was fixed.
    • A cause of crashes when effects make certain OpenGL requests was fixed.
    • Aliases to files and folders on OS X 10.10.1 and later are now resolved correctly.


OS X 10.7.4 or later


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