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Affinity Designer 1.3 – Vector graphic design software.

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Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is an incredibly accurate vector illustrator that feels fast and at home in the hands of creative professionals. It intuitively combines rock solid and crisp vector art with flexible layer management and an impressive range of high quality raster tools for finishing. With accuracy, quality and speed at the heart of every single design task, and the ability to finesse designs without switching apps, this fresh-faced multi-discipline illustrator lets creatives shine.

Vector tools:

  • Node Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Vector Brush
  • Gradient Fill Tool
  • Transparency Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Targeted Insert
  • Text
  • Alignment Guides

Raster tools:

  • Lasso Tool
  • Selection Brush
  • Pixel Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Eraser
  • Dodge
  • Burn
  • Smudge
  • Blur
  • Sharpen

Other features:

  • Adjustment layers
  • Layer effects
  • Blend modes
  • 1,000,000% zoom
  • Instant undo
  • Tablet support


Version 1.3:

  • Seamlessly exchange documents and editing history between Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (if installed)
  • Customisable 2-axis and 3-axis grids (e.g. Isometric) with snapping
  • Added polygon creation mode to the Pen Tool
  • Support for per-channel blend ranges and per-object blend gamma with customisable ramp
  • Media Browser now supports Apple’s Photos library
  • Improved PSD handling and also added import of PSB files (very large Photoshop documents)
  • Improved SVG export and many other vector format compatibility enhancements
  • Pixel Tool uses a new algorithm so you can more reliably paint beautiful, narrow pixel lines
  • Text composition improvements
  • More blend modes supported in LAB colour mode
  • Printing improvements
  • Improved translations for all languages
  • Numerous other improvements, usability tweaks and fixes


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor