Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.2.0 – Professional vector graphics tool for Web and print.

Adobe Illustrator CC  2015 19.2.0

Adobe Illustrator is the companion application to Adobe Photoshop that mainly focuses on the creation and design of logos. For over two decades, Illustrator has provided countless possibilities and high-end options to design professional logos.

More specifically, Adobe Illustrator uses vector based images to help you create personalized logos. In addition, the process of drawing and manipulating basic shapes in Illustrator is greatly streamlined.

From a beginner’s perspective, creating a new logos is pretty easy. The first steep is creating, uniting and manipulating shapes. The next steps consists of coloring the shapes, adding and editing symbols, applying effects, and then making final touches.

Of course, Illustrator provides tons of solutions and customizable parameters to the more experienced and creative logo designer.

The key features are the sophisticated vector drawing tools, working with up to 100 art boards, pattern creation, variable-width strokes, image trace, gradients, rock-solid stability and more.

At its core, Illustrator excels at working with vector graphics images. You can, thus, compose and edit these types of images for printing, video, mobile or the web. Using the advanced path controls, paint brushes and complex shape-building tools, you can achieve spectacular results.

What’s New

Version 19.2.0:
Note: Update is ~272 MB.

  • New features:
    • Shaper tool, for combining and editing shapes to create designs that remain editable
    • Additional Live Shapes for interactive ellipses, polygons, and lines
    • Dynamic Symbols which share a master shape, but allow instances to have different appearances and transformations
    • SVG export to output modern SVG code that is lightweight and optimized for Web and screen design, with improved visual fidelity and performance
  • Improvements to the Touch Workspace
  • New capabilities in Smart Guides
  • Bug fixes


OS X 10.6.8 or later


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