Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.03 – Powerful PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.03Adobe Acrobat allows users to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely. Unify a wide range of content in a single organized PDF Portfolio. Collaborate through electronic document reviews. Create and manage dynamic forms. And help protect sensitive information.

What’s New

Version 11.0.03:

Japanese support:

  • Automatic signature detection is supported.
  • Added support for the Japanese Postal Code barcode.
EchoSign integration:
  • Acrobat and Reader now intelligently detect if a document may need to be signed. On successful detection, a document message bar appears with a button “Open Sign Pane” which on clicking opens the right-hand Sign Pane.
  • Signature appearances can now be imported through the user’s webcam. Reader saves the signature for future use in signing workflows.
  • Save a Copy: Allows the user to save the file locally or in cloud. The file will be renamed based on whether user signs the document or not.
  • Send via Email: Allows users to upload the document to the EchoSign server where they can fill-in details and send the signed document.
  • Send via Fax: Same as the Send via Email option.
  • Get Others to Sign: Enables users to send documents that need signing to others through the EchoSign service.
  • The dialog which asks the user if they want to save the signed document is removed, thereby streamlining the signing process.
Digital signatures:
  • The product now supports allowing administrators to control trust for JavaScript execution for specific certificates through the use of cTrustCertifiedDocumentsByOIDs in HKCU and/or HKLM. If the values in this registry preference match an OID in a certificate’s Extended Key Usage field, then that certificate is trusted.
Tools Pane:
  • Tools pane performance is improved.
  • The Tools Pane is open by default and the user’s selected state is saved across sessions.
Services integration:
  • When using Export PDF, Create PDF and Send Now services, the user can now choose Open from online account >
  • In the Create PDF panel, the “Convert” button is now a “Select Files” button. After a file is selected the button changes to “Convert”.
  • When you open a document from that you were reading earlier on another device, the document opens to the page where you left off.
  • The ExportPDF panel is now available in the Japanese version of Reader.
  • Acrobat crashes on Export Image to Online Account (SharePoint).
  • On OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, PDF file preview color is incorrect in A10 and A11 when monitor display profile is other than sRGB.
  • PDFMaker plug-in not opening PPT file after conversion from FileSite server.
  • Unable to use tabs to put focus on HTML field following embedded PDF.
  • Acrobat browser plug-in does not calculate decimal numbers in an AcroForm correctly when system locale is set to French.
  • Page being incorrectly identified as scanned in the PDF invokes OCR unnecessarily.
  • Print button off screen on low resolution devices in Reader/Acrobat XI.
  • The IE AcroIEHelper browser helper object is removed. Needed functionality is moved to a plugin.
  • Cannot save PDF from Firefox when multiple windows are used.
  • In Reader, doing an overwrite with content type enabled results in a “bad parameters” error.
  • Error while entering the value for Managed Metadata field.
  • Added support for the Turkish Currency symbol.


Intel, OS X 10.6.8 or later


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