Acorn 3.2 – Bitmap image editor.

Acorn is a new image editor built with one goal in mind – simplicity. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the options you’ll need without any overhead. Acorn feels right, and won’t drain your bank account.

  • Take screenshots using Acorn and edit them right away.
  • Chain together image filters to create stunning effects.
  • Layer based image editing, an industry standard.
  • Make new images and layers using your built-in iSight.
  • Easy image and canvas resizing, just by changing the size of your window.
  • Take advantage of every pixel of your monitor with full screen image editing.
  • Tablet sensitive for pressure strokes and using the tablet’s eraser.
  • Vector shape and text layers.
  • Freeform, elliptical, rectangular, and magic wand selections.
  • Gradients.
  • Create and apply custom text styles.
  • Control opacity and blending modes for each layer.
  • Write plugins using the Python scripting language, as well as in Objective-C.
  • GPU powered. The same graphics card that makes your gaming experience smooth, helps Acorn fly through the toughest of graphics operations.

Version 3.2:

    • New: A new pref to ignore rotation gestures has been added.
    • New: Individual points in a bezier curve can now be selected and moved with the arrow keys.
    • New: Clicking on the gradient preview where you’d like a new color stop to show up will now add one.
    • New: Performance improvements with very large images.
    • New: The brush designer can now make brushes up to 400px in size.
    • New: The “Layer on Images in Acorn” Automator Action now has an opacity option when adding a new layer, making it easier to add watermarks to your images.
    • Change: If you add a new group layer using the tool palette + button (hold down the command key when pressing) Acorn will automatically being editing the layer name for you so you can give it a better name than just “Group”
    • Change: Text now has it’s own setting for stroke with. Previously, setting the stroke from the shape palette would work on text, now it only works from the text palette.
    • Change: The hidden pref for adding a “Save A Copy As…” has been removed, since it caused problems on 10.7 with autosave and versions turned on. Since this operation was basically an export, we’ve assigned the keyboard shortcut for that option to the Export… menu item (cmd-option-s), so everything should be just as awesome as it has always been. However, make sure to let us know if this ruins your day.
    • Change: The system font palette (the one that comes up with cmd-t) no longer shows the text shadow widgets. To add a shadow to text, use the shadow widget under the shape palette, or add a drop shadow layer style.
    • Changed the for how paths to your workspace documents are saved. This means on the first launch of 3.2, your workspace won’t be remembered if you are on 10.6 (this does not effect 10.7 folks). However, later workspaces will be remembered.
    • The “Layer on Images in Acorn” no longer automatically closes documents.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when applying a layer style preset.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where your selection was lost when performing a transform on a layer with a selection.
    • Fix: When dragging an image out of the layers list to the desktop, a PNG was written without the correct DPI. This has been fixed so it writes the correct DPI to the image now.
    • Fix: Sometimes when you rotated rectangle or oval shapes that were rotated, the location in the canvas would change. This has been fixed.
    • Fix: JPEG 2000 files now save and export with transparency.
    • Fix: Fixed a problem where moving a rotated shape would cause strange drawing.
    • Fix: Acorn would switch spaces on 10.7 when you were in full screen mode on 10.7, and you tried to move a canvas guide. This issue has been squashed.
    • Fix: Some filters (such as the sunbeam filter) did not show the correct results in the canvas preview. This has been corrected.
    • Fix: Drawing on a quickmask or layer mask when you had the opacity slider set to to something other than 100% would delay the showing of the output. This has been fixed.
    • Fix: Corrected an issue where sometimes free rotating a canvas exactly 180 degrees would increase the size of the canvas unexpectedly.
    • Fix: Undo was sometimes broken after using various Automator actions in Acorn. This has now been corrected.
    • Fix: Acorn would crash when opening up PSD files which had more than 190 layers. In cases where a PSD has more than 190 layers, Acorn will now open up the image as a single layer.
    • Fix: The bezier tool works a lot better when snap to pixel is turned on.
    • Fix: Numerous drawing and behavior fixes when using the bezier tool + zoomed into the canvas.
    • Fix: When zoomed way in on a selection, the marching ants now correctly draw in straight lines between adjoining pixels.
    • Fix: The View ▸ Enter / Exit Full Screen menu item now correctly updates depending on what state the window is in for 10.7 folks.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when selecting the Depth of Field from the filters sheet.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when using the instant alpha tool. My undying gratitude to Jeff Buck for finding a reproducible case for this.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when opening up a malformed PDF file.
    • Fix: Now reading in the correct color space when opening a PSD file.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when using the magic wand tool with bitmap layers of a certain frame.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where sometimes the sliders on the gradient preview would become unresponsive.
    • Fix: Fixed a crasher when opening up certain PSD files.
    • Fix: Improvements to the bezier tool when snap to pixels is turned on.
  • Other: Acorn is now building in Xcode 4.2, various framework bits have been moved around, and there’s even an experimental sandboxed version of Acorn on the latest downloads page if you want to play with it.
  • Other: There’s a new hidden pref, using a different text rendering path for Acorn. To enable it, open up Terminal and paste this in:
    defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn nsTextDrawing 1

    It hasn’t been fully tested yet, but it does fix some issues with the current text path.

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