About the Oracle Database Certification Path Exams

There are 42 different exams that a potential exam candidate can take in the Oracle database certification path. The timed and proctored exams generally range from 90 minutes to three hours in duration, and candidates are given up to two days to finish the Master Exams. The amount of questions range from 50 to 150, and the passing score required can range from between 50 to 78 percent.


The Oracle database certification exams cover Oracle9i SQL, Exadata Database Machine, performance tuning, Oracle7.3 and Oracle8 OCPs, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Application Express, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Oracle Spatial 11g, MySQL 5, and MySQL 5.1. Concepts such as data types, tables, constraints and indexes, recurring SQL constructs, adding and modifying data, and grouping and aggregate functions are covered on the database certification path exams as well. Additionally, candidates should understand concepts related to transaction, import/export, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, RAC, Cluster Verification Utility, Oracle Interface Configuration, data integrity, backup, and recovery.


For those candidates looking to earn an administrator certification, management of products is heavily tested on the certification exams. This includes, but is not limited to, automatic management, space management, management of schema objects, and the management of data and concurrency.


Most candidates pursuing the Oracle database certification path take multiple certification exams. This will require them to have a variety of knowledge that experience alone does not always provide them. For these candidates, using the exam preparation services offered through TestsLive is a way to ensure their continued success at taking multiple certification exams.

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