1Password 6.3 – Powerful password manager.

1Password 6.3

1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding Web form filling and automatic strong password generation. Your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure using strong encryption.

1Password fully supports major Web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All browser extensions share the same encrypted data which means you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or from the password manager to a browser ever again!

1Password has received numerous awards, including 5 mice from Macworld magazine, MacLife Editors pick, and was the Pick of Week on MacBreak Weekly by both Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann.

1Password is also available for and syncs with Windows, iOS, and Android.


  • Added the “Reset iCloud Data” to the Help > Troubleshooting menu in our AgileBits Store version of 1Password.
  • Added better logging of iCloud Sync in our AgileBits Store version of 1Password, for easier issue diagnosis.


  • Fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to drag .app files to 1Password to create Software Licenses.
  • Fixed an issue where needless empty backup files were created while running in 1Password for Teams-only mode.
  • Fixed an issue displaying a Document would fail in QuickLook after locking and unlocking the app.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close a item view in mini with the left arrow keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue where save pending changes would prevent auto lock timeout.
  • Fixed an issue where changes after the first pending save would be lost when creating a new item.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unlocking while an anchored mini window contained a 1Password for Teams item.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the sort type in the main app.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting 1Password mini.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while bringing up the main window, especially while unlocking in mini while the main window was closed.

What’s New

Version 6.3:

  • Added support for Brave web browser. {OPM-3896}
  • Added support for Vivaldi web browser. {OPM-3611}
  • Added support for Opera Developer web browser.
  • Added the ability to anchor the Large Type window. {OPM-3217}
  • Added the ability to click anywhere on the QR Code scanner window to drag it. {OPM-3531}
  • Adds the ability to switch between 1Password Accounts-only and 1Password Accounts and Local vaults. {OPM-3843, OPM-3958}
  • Added support for 1Password accounts that are frozen. {OPM-4052}
  • Added support for 1Password account device reauthorization. {OPM-3975}
  • Added the ability to start over without data in the case of lost or forgotten Master Password. {OPM-3965}
  • Added the ability to use the keyboard shortcut ⌘+0-9 on the numeric keypad to change vaults. {OPM-3915}
  • Added the ability to use the keyboard shortcut ⌘+O in 1Password mini to anchor item details without first displaying item details. {OPM-2407}
  • Added some basic support for improved identity filling and Login saving on Spanish sites. {BRAIN-166}
  • Lock on Sleep now takes into consideration display sleep and not just Mac sleep. {OPM-1160, OPM-3682, OPM-3934}
  • 1Password is better able to recognize many registration forms and avoid them during Login filling. {BRAIN-203, BRAIN-171}
  • 1Password now better handles pages where text fields magically transform into password fields. (Requires 1Password extension 4.5.6 or later.) {BRAIN-135}
  • Added a confirmation when you try to move an item to a vault that doesn’t let you move items out of it. {OPM-3817}
  • Better VoiceOver behavior when moving between the sidebar, item list and detail views. {OPM-3872}
  • Better VoiceOver item labels in 1Password mini. {OPM-4013}
  • Changed instructions in the first-run QR code reader for clarity. {OPM-4028}
  • Created Documents now receive the associated item's tags. {OPM-3942}
  • Better Fast User Switching support. {OPM-1772}
  • Improve clarity of view when vault access is suspended. {OPM-3916}
  • Improved Login title generation for some rare cases.
  • Improved recognition of credit card expiration date fields. {BRAIN-155}
  • Improved recognition of credit card number fields. {BRAIN-152}
  • Improved the import screen text for SplashID. {OPM-3985}
  • Improved username saving and login filling on many Citi log in pages {BRAIN-114}
  • Made the text in the All Vaults preference pane clearer. {OPM-3504}
  • Many improvements to VoiceOver in the item detail view, including labels, a better date picker and tab key behavior. {OPM-3963, OPM-3263, OPM-3053, OPM-3561}
  • Now filtering out current item, items in the Trash, and existing linked items when using the "Link Existing" reference picker. {OPM-3933, OPM-3869}
  • Changed Teams reference to Account in item details if in All Vaults. {OPM-4047}
  • Section titles now only show placeholder text while in edit mode. {OPM-273}
  • The 1Password Updater "Multiple Copies of 1Password" warning dialog has seen numerous improvements to make it more helpful and potentially less intrusive. {OPM-3669}
  • The Password Generator button is no longer called "unchecked checkbox" in VoiceOver. {OPM-1994}
  • The restore from backup prompt now warns that it resets the sync settings and that they might need to be re-enabled. {OPM-3988}
  • Updated the Access Control List for 1Password Accounts so that creating items doesn't require Reveal Password permission. {OPM-3993}
  • Search results appear more quickly in 1Password mini.
  • When copying or moving items, the Team or Family name is displayed, if applicable. {OPM-3893}
  • When the Autosave window appears it is smarter about picking the best item to update if multiple potential Logins exist. {OPM-3924, OPM-3583}
  • Improved the interaction with 1Password Extension for some unverified browsers.
  • When the iCloud login token expires during sync a notification is now shown. {OPM-3681}
  • Update the Empty 1Password Account Preferences window to refer to both Families and Teams. {OPM-4003}
  • Improved the clarity of the text in the New Vault window. {OPM-3508}
  • Copying or moving an item across vaults now copies the usage information as well. {OPM-3788}
  • Improved the Open & Fill feature by ensuring that we only attach URL arguments for HTTP and HTTPS URLs. {OPM-3809}
  • Replaced the "Incorrect mini Launched" dialog with the new "Multiple Copies" dialog to improve the experience when the wrong copy of 1Password mini is launched. {OPM-4026}
  • Improved the security checks around the "verify browser signature" feature to ensure that we're checking the on-disk and in-memory representations. {OPM-4056}
  • Improved Login saving to avoid some sites' decoy fields. {BRAIN-207}
  • Improved filling and autosubmit for Starbucks. {BRAIN-227}
  • Improved post-filling field focus for sites that hide the password field such as Google and Tumblr. {BRAIN-187}
  • Changed text mentions of 1Password for Teams to 1Password Account in the first run window. {OPM-3852}
  • Improved the wording of vault and Master Password prompts. {OPM-4064}
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
  • Fixed a few layout issues with the first-run window that resulted in text being cropped. {OPM-3968}
  • Fixed an issue causing system slowdown when creating the attachments directory when TimeMachine is enabled. {OPM-3973}
  • Fixed an issue during saving a Login for a page with iframes that could cause open and fill to use the iframe URL rather than the real page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused 1Password to sometimes display the password generator for non-password fields. {OPM-3660}
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when saving the previously used password. {OPM-3766}
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect icon size for Rich Icons displayed in the update login window. {OPM-4025}
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect item counts when importing 1pif containing Folders into Teams/Family vaults. {OPM-3954}
  • Fixed an issue that caused the main app to allow items from different vaults to reference each other. {OPM-4010}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to consume a lot of memory. {OPM-3989}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause automatic sync to fail in the Mac App Store version of 1Password when another device modified an item in the vault. {OPM-3992}
  • Fixed an issue when calculating note field height when certain unicode characters are present. {OPM-3173, OPM-1642}
  • Fixed an issue where the 1Password mini menu would not be dismissed when using "Report an issue" for a website. {OPM-3285}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would generate invalid one-time passwords if the secret contained an "=". {OPI-3452}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would sometimes fill the username in search fields when the real sign-in form was in an iframe. {BRAIN-169}
  • Fixed an issue where Autosubmit would fail to work on some AT&T websites where the keyboard could not be used to submit the form. {BRAIN-93}
  • Fixed an issue where Identities with Serbian addresses would fill incorrectly. {BRAIN-89}
  • Fixed an issue where Login filling would fail on eBay when the entry in 1Password was very old.
  • Fixed an issue where filling of identities could fail for some identities with United Kingdom addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where iCloud data could not be reset in the AgileBits Store version. {OPM-3685}
  • Fixed an issue where imported password fields would sometimes show a password generation icon when they shouldn't. {OPM-3607}
  • Fixed an issue where modification date was displayed when creating a new item. {OPM-4012}
  • Fixed an issue where search results could be affected by speedy typing. {OPM-3944}
  • Fixed an issue where tags would disappear when slowly moving the mouse outside of their bubbles. {OPM-3590}
  • Fixed an issue where the change password window was not allowing certain characters. {OPM-3941}
  • Fixed an issue where the item detail view was not updating after modifying attachments on another syncing device. {OPI-2861}
  • Fixed an issue where the username was not correctly saved on fidelity.com. (Requires 1Password extension 4.5.6 or later). {BRAIN-104}
  • Fixed an issue where "show previously used passwords" was always allowed in 1Password for Teams and Families. {OPM-3932}
  • Fixed an issue with the layout of a label for the newsletter subscription field in some languages. {OPM-3833}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password could possibly not prompt to create a Login if you had a password for that domain. {OPM-4060}
  • Fixed an issue where data loss could happen if editing an item while updating through the extension or syncing. {OPM-4011}
  • Fixed an issue where changes to an item being edited could be lost when minimizing the main window. {OPM-4051}
  • Fixed an issue in show web form details where password fields would not honor the Reveal Password permission for 1Password accounts. {OPM-3894}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when Watchtower was disabled. {OPM-3964, OPM-3591}
  • 1Password would fail to identify the username field for sites that use password fields for submitting the username. {BRAIN-242}
  • Can now properly fill Logins on tinkoff.ru {BRAIN-228}
  • Auto-submit now works on secure.ssa.gov login page. {BRAIN-140}
  • 1Password would sometimes incorrectly split the phone number across multiple fields such as on sfballet.org. {BRAIN-170}
  • Login filling would fail on UBS.com in Safari. {BRAIN-99}
  • Resolved a crash that would cause Login filling to fail for sites with radio buttons in the form such as tsp.gov. {BRAIN-239}
  • Fixed one of the issues that caused slow unlocks from 1Password mini. {OPM-3829}


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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