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Intensify Pro 1.0.1 – Create clarity and intensity in your photos.

AppKed/ Cracks, Featured/on 2013-12-19 06:39

Intensify Pro 1.0.1Intensify Pro lets discerning photographers of all skill levels create powerful photographic images with unprecedented drama and detail. Precise control of contrast, structure, detail and sharpening across different tonal ranges delivers high quality results every time.

Special algorithms to prevent image artifacts, image layer stacking with opacity control, dozens of professionally created presets, adjustment brushes, RAW image support, vignettes and the ability to run as a standalone or as a plug-in for popular host applications all make Intensify Pro an essential part of your photo editing toolbox.

While the core features of Intensify and Intensify Pro are the same, Intensify Pro brings a number of advanced add-ons that will be mostly appreciated by professional photographers, who will use Intensify Pro as part of their daily image editing activity. Here’s what you get in Pro version.

  • Run Intensify Pro as either a standalone app or as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture.
  • Several tools in Intensify Pro contain additional capabilities. For example, Micro Sharpness gains a Dehalo feature and Structure adds a Softness feature.
  • Vignettes are upgraded in Intensify Pro, adding a Luminosity control and the ability to “place” the center point of a Vignette — very handy!
  • You’ll love the improvements to navigation — with Intensify Pro, you can use the Navigation Window for simple navigation, even while in zoom mode!
  • Intensify Pro also supports a number of shortcuts to make workflow even faster. Histograms can now show tonal range clipping, pixel saturation and more.


Version 1.0.1:

  • All plugins fully updated
  • Overall user experience improvements, including:
    • Welcome screen to easily load your images;
    • Hints window get the most from Intensify (you can turn it off any time);
    • Possibility to copy and paste parameters of one layer to another;
    • Possibility to copy and paste mask of one layer to another
    • Rotate image left and right by pressing "Command+L" and "Command+R"
  • Improved Vignette
  • Improved "Export to..."
  • Performance improvements, including faster opening and saving of large images


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor